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Training Acknowledgement & Certificate

WATCH D.O.G.S. ® (Dads Of Great Students)

WATCH D.O.G.S. ® is a structured program designed to operate under the oversight of school administrators to facilitate family and community engagement.

The WATCH D.O.G.S. ® program is intended to be operated under the direction and authority of the school’s Principal and in a manner conforming with the volunteer policy of each individual school district.

WATCH D.O.G.S. ® is not designed to be a “stand alone” program and should always be operated under the direction and responsibility of each school’s administration and/or PTA/PTO.

Each of the program documents provided in the WATCH D.O.G.S. ® Startup Kit are in Word Document format in order to customize any communications or program guidelines deemed necessary or desirable by the school’s administration.

It is understood that every WATCH D.O.G.S. ® volunteer serves the school at the pleasure of the Principal and that serving as a WATCH D.O.G.S. ® volunteer is a privilege and not a right.

Jim Walters
WATCH D.O.G.S. ® (Dads Of Great Students)

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