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The Daily Schedule Survey

WATCH D.O.G.S. (Dads of Great Students) has been around for nearly 25 years. The program is so successful thanks to continuing feedback and improvement over those years. Communication between school administration, faculty, and volunteer staff is integral to establishing an effective program that yields the greatest benefit to all parties.

WatchD.O.G.S. offers two types of school surveys to help the Program Coordinator and Top Dogs Team at each campus: The Daily Schedule Survey for Teachers and End of Day Survey for Dads.

The Daily Schedule Survey is for faculty and support staff to complete so that the Principal or Watch Dog School Rep can compose a Master Daily Schedule to schedule the WatchDOGS for the day and keep them busy while they volunteer at your school. 

Please notice we offer an Elementary and Secondary Daily Schedule; therefore, complete the survey which best relates to your school. The Daily Schedule offers faculty and support staff two different times to choose when a WatchDOG can volunteer in their classroom. While it is not required, this survey sure is helpful to the team of coordinators.

This survey takes approximately 30 seconds to complete.

Elementary Daily Schedule
Secondary Daily Schedule

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If you have any questions about either survey, call our office at 888-540-DOGS (3647)

Program Coordinators and WATCH D.O.G.S. School Principals:

For Survey Results: call 888-540-3647 (DOGS) or email us for a link to access the survey results along with your access code and instructions.