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More than a man on campus…

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How building a true community around your program can be transformative.

Over nearly 25 years, we’ve heard countless stories of how WATCH D.O.G.S. has impacted students, educators, entire communities and even the men who show up to volunteer.

What gets lost in most conversations about the program is that special bond that can grow when the fathers and father figures in a community connect and collaborate for the good of the community; working together in service to the campus, the administrators, the PTA/PTO, the educators and the students… once in a while, something cool happens and they find themselves working for the betterment of themselves and each other.

Too often, the program is thought of as a way to get a male body present on campus for just one day a year; most of the guys never meet each other; and it’s a box getting checked but the greater potential gets missed.

How has your program been more than just a series of “dudes” showing up for a day at a time?

How has being a WATCH D.O.G.S. volunteer impacted your life?

What goals do you have for yourself and your program to be more than it is?

How can we help you get there?


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